Ekwenti, The Cable Connection

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This project shall create unique connections of artistic form and expression devised in an open lab and the establishment of a space to discover new approaches through joint action of several partners. Voices are given to untold stories and perspectives. Wider Worte is exploring ideas of innovative connections. It showcases how different actors on the cultural scene can come together to offer an artistic and cultural production, including many perspectives, as well as reaching different audiences.

With: Elisabeth Löffler, Liz Art – mixed abled Tanz
Filmteam – Yeter Güneş – Genug Sonne
Afro Rainbow Austria
Physical Theatre Complicit
Lilly Axster & Yeter Güneş: Der Pullover trägt mich nicht mehr, Roman
Crew Videodoku – Mikael Movldi Elmurzaev
Künstler_innen und Aktivist_innen aus dem Verein für Barrierefreiheit in der Kunst, im Alltag, im Denken, 1160 Wien und dem Kulturverein Planet 10, 1100 Wien


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